kitty fall in water

Today i walked to the dollar store. watched NACHO LIBRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  I also got the most cutest toy puppy i am naming him fenrir cause the adorableness makes him a monster is cute battle and watched nichijou

My vision for the next school year.

My vison for for the next school is set in a post apocolyptic world since drew was not here to keep the peace everything went to doom land. but actually i see tommie running the school in a really good way and me graduating .

lazy bend

Today i worked on the website. Then I watched Conan video game reviews. Also my dad came in and did a ama about and we talked about bootstrap, scrumming, and i tiny tiny part about git. My favorite thing he talked about was the Fibonacci sequence and how his work used it in a game form. The Fibonacci sequence is adding number like this: 1+1=2 then you do 2+1=3 then you do 3+2=5 so now you have 1,2,3,5. so his worked used that till they got to a certain number and made a difficulty scale the highest number being the hardest the lower number being the lowest difficulty. This is the scrum process

– A product owner creates a prioritized wish list called a product backlog.
– During sprint planning, the team pulls a small chunk from the top of that wish list, a sprint backlog, and decides how to implement those pieces.
– The team has a certain amount of time — a sprint (usually two to four weeks) — to complete its work, but it meets each day to assess its progress (daily Scrum).
– Along the way, the ScrumMaster keeps the team focused on its goal.
– At the end of the sprint, the work should be potentially shippable: ready to hand to a customer, put on a store shelf, or show to a stakeholder.
– The sprint ends with a sprint review and retrospective.
– As the next sprint begins, the team chooses another chunk of the product backlog and begins working again.


5 Things I wasted time on

  1. Imgur
  2. Youtube
  3. League of Legends
  4. Starcraft 2
  5. Super Smash Bros

5 ways i could get rid of my distractions

  1. blocking internet access for a period of time
  2. not do those things
  3. get somebody to remind me not to do that
  4. dont skype with my friends when i am doing something important
  5. get more motivated to do the thing i am supposed to do

the doodle of the bards

Today was a good day i sat in a chair for 5 hours and watched league of legends then i listened to half of a creepy pasta.

Looking back at the week what are you most proud of and why.

Well the thing i am most proud of is staying calm when i only got 5 hours of sleep. The reason why i am proud of this is cause i had a really low tolerance and i was tired also during that day i had fun playing league of legends and starcraft 2.

5 productive things i did this week

  1. Finding an error in the css by deleting everything
  2. laid on a couch
  3. looked at a fire during no electricity day
  4. went to sleep early yesterday

playing scrabble

i looked for lambs on craigslist

Today was a pretty bland day. i cooked lasagna which took 60 minutes. I played league of legends with my friendo william. I also played starcraft.

What do we do differently then other schools.

What makes our school better is we get stuff done and have kan-bans.

Make up five words that define your day.

  1. Tenso
  2. Lambobino
  3. Willarino
  4. Vel’kozarino
  5. Stevjackurmie

Enter Title Here

today was an interesting day all i really did was work on the website.

What electronic device will i miss the most during no electricity day.

My comp and my phone. I will miss my phone the most cause my mom is gonna be mad when i dont answer her text

5 things i love

  1. my cat loki barbosa bears
  2. my family
  3. anime
  4. video games
  5. modeling/programming

crazy fucking lambs

Today i went to the pakr watched full metal alchemist brotherhood, played smash, did bad at grammar, watched five nights at freddy’s.

What was my spirit animal today.

A lamb. Cause its fucking adorable

Top blog post questions

  1. what did you do today that was special
  2. what was the darkest story you can tell out of today
  3. holy crap is that an alien
  4. yes that is an alien
  5. ok now its serious
  6. what sentence from a book best describes your day


today i slept in then took the bus and got free candy and finsihed the webiste and fought battled stevu.

What offering will i do

the offering i will complete is the dissecting owl pellets one.

Top five memories about abe

  1. getting somewhat lost
  2. watching a movie with jlaw in it but i forgot the title
  3. playing starcraft with him
  4. the meeting controlablility he has
  5. and the fun in his accent