Drew go by by

Today was a good day we watched the interview i thought it was ok. We played Dungeons and Dragons and it was fun.

I wanna read more Lord of the Rings cause i wanna get know more of the lore.

I wanna get threw with the unity scripting tutorials so i can then move onto the tutorials to actually make a game

I wanna run more cause it feels good to run

I wanna do more movie day Fridays cause its fun

I wanna play more League of Legends cause its fun and i dont wanna be bronze anymore cause being in bronze isnt as fun as people may say it is


Today we went too a frye museum and looked at moving projections and wrote in a book and looked at stuff

How much work do i wanna put into composting
I wanna put in at least 4 hours a week on composting

What methods of composting is there in the composting universe
One method is using plastic bins too keep your composting in
The second method is using three boxes and putting the stuff in the first box ect

What method do i wanna use
I wanna use the plastic bin method cause it would be easier on everybody

Building a box or plastic bin
plastic bin cause its easier

Were would we put it
In tommies bedroom or outside in the backyard

How does composting in nature happen
The grass and leaves fall on the ground and then gives off nitrogen and the ground and dirt gives off carbon then thingies eat the stuff and poop and even more thingies eat that poop and so on till they die


Be there in 10 minutes

  • Today i came in late so all i did was attend the web dev meeting and went too the park.

    What is my art
    My kind of art is programming and game design which are both the same thing in a way.  I like to do it because it makes people smile and there is nothing better than seeing people smile. My other form of art is being a DM in dungeons and dragons

    My 5 favorite outside activities

  • Capture the flag
  • The stick game drew showed us
  • 500
  • Hiking
  • Hide and go seek

Red Cheek

  • Today i played geo guessr and glitched it. We learned how to cut vegetables which was fun because i felt superior from the vegetables. We also learned how to make pickles and that was faster than i thought we would.

    What did i learn today.
    I learned how to actually use a knife for good use and not for killing things. i also learned the process of making pickles and that i am a good dungeon master.

    5 things i wanna learn in the future

  • I wanna learn how to make a foam sword
  • Play actual dungeons and dragons by the complex rules
  • I wanna learn C++
  • How to make lasagna
  • And finally i wanna learn how too beat Stevie in smash

Deathlamb in whidbey

Today at whidbey i went on a rather long walk and ate thyme off the branch. I also sat behind a giant gong.

What i did today that was the most fun.
My favorite thing i did today was hanging out with friends in a new place,  jackie was there he was awesome and funny and over  all great person, went on a the front of the boat that we went on.

What i would want to do at whidbey again.
learn how to grow a garden and help out at there garden.


Dear John Simon,

I go to a school that is not like any other it is far superior. Anyway we are going to do a coaching program and we have to reach to someone who isn’t our parents to set our lives straight basically so i was wondering if you can coach me. If you cant dont worry i have five other candidates but you are my primary request.


Ethan Gregory Sheppard


  • Today we made characters for my Dungeons & Dragons game.What am i most excited for next year
    I am excited to see how the school will be in the next year and taking lots of naps

    Top 5 things i did over the break

  • Christmas
  • hanged out with Ayesha
  • watched The Judge, American Sniper, and The Imitation Game
  • went on alot of bus rides
  • Had fun