Today we went too a frye museum and looked at moving projections and wrote in a book and looked at stuff

How much work do i wanna put into composting
I wanna put in at least 4 hours a week on composting

What methods of composting is there in the composting universe
One method is using plastic bins too keep your composting in
The second method is using three boxes and putting the stuff in the first box ect

What method do i wanna use
I wanna use the plastic bin method cause it would be easier on everybody

Building a box or plastic bin
plastic bin cause its easier

Were would we put it
In tommies bedroom or outside in the backyard

How does composting in nature happen
The grass and leaves fall on the ground and then gives off nitrogen and the ground and dirt gives off carbon then thingies eat the stuff and poop and even more thingies eat that poop and so on till they die


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