Drew go by by

Today was a good day we watched the interview i thought it was ok. We played Dungeons and Dragons and it was fun.

I wanna read more Lord of the Rings cause i wanna get know more of the lore.

I wanna get threw with the unity scripting tutorials so i can then move onto the tutorials to actually make a game

I wanna run more cause it feels good to run

I wanna do more movie day Fridays cause its fun

I wanna play more League of Legends cause its fun and i dont wanna be bronze anymore cause being in bronze isnt as fun as people may say it is

One thought on “Drew go by by”

  1. awesome, be sure to set goals, get that stuff on your Kanban and move it across! It’s easy to do when you break it down into bit sized chunks and focus on doing one task at a time.

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