i looked for lambs on craigslist

Today was a pretty bland day. i cooked lasagna which took 60 minutes. I played league of legends with my friendo william. I also played starcraft.

What do we do differently then other schools.

What makes our school better is we get stuff done and have kan-bans.

Make up five words that define your day.

  1. Tenso
  2. Lambobino
  3. Willarino
  4. Vel’kozarino
  5. Stevjackurmie

Enter Title Here

today was an interesting day all i really did was work on the website.

What electronic device will i miss the most during no electricity day.

My comp and my phone. I will miss my phone the most cause my mom is gonna be mad when i dont answer her text

5 things i love

  1. my cat loki barbosa bears
  2. my family
  3. anime
  4. video games
  5. modeling/programming

crazy fucking lambs

Today i went to the pakr watched full metal alchemist brotherhood, played smash, did bad at grammar, watched five nights at freddy’s.

What was my spirit animal today.

A lamb. Cause its fucking adorable

Top blog post questions

  1. what did you do today that was special
  2. what was the darkest story you can tell out of today
  3. holy crap is that an alien
  4. yes that is an alien
  5. ok now its serious
  6. what sentence from a book best describes your day


today i slept in then took the bus and got free candy and finsihed the webiste and fought battled stevu.

What offering will i do

the offering i will complete is the dissecting owl pellets one.

Top five memories about abe

  1. getting somewhat lost
  2. watching a movie with jlaw in it but i forgot the title
  3. playing starcraft with him
  4. the meeting controlablility he has
  5. and the fun in his accent

go to the google

Today i went to the pakr,  geoguesser,  starcraft, finished the website(made kaceytron work).

What did you do today that did not use electricity.

had fun

5 things i am thankful for

  1. dr.pepper
  2. family and the sterlings
  3. busses
  4. lambs
  5. dogs

it really wouldn’t take a long time

Today i made half a website with stevie. I also played super smash bros pm, hearthstone, age of empires 2, starcraft

What was your most excellent adventure

The most excellent adventure bro is when i made half a webiste we went up and down left to right and we saw a bigfoot zebra its exactly what you thing.

5 emotions that you felt today

  1. Boredom
  2. Frustration
  3. happy
  4. relaxed
  5. funky

can i smack you ;)

Today i played smash rekt stevie. did improv and watched people dance.

What was the most achieving thing i did this week.

The thing i did this week that got the most achievement was pentakill in league of legends…. it was pretty swag

Top five you liked this week.

  1. pakr
  2. played league
  3. code cademy
  4. pressured jackie and jurr into ink skaping the webstie
  5. had fun

most people like my pickles ;)

Today was a pretty good i played 2 league of legends games, rekt stevie at smash, learning squirtle in smash, and i did pretty good in improv.

The most active thing i did today

was improv. the end

List five things i held today

  1. my dignity by wrecking stevie at smash
  2. greeny the pink gorilla
  3. my phone
  4. a bottle of pepsi
  5. and jackie



today i went to the park we did stuff. Then i played hide and go seek and did stuff in improv class.  Then we played the arm tangle game where you tangle all our arms by holding hands and untangle ourselves.

What was the most successful thing i did today.

The most successful thing i did today was catching Frisbees at the park.

Five things i want to do tomorrow

  1. go to the dollar store
  2. do more improv classes
  3. not be tired
  4. make enchiladas
  5.  have fun