wekk something or other documentation


  • Research Code Education
  • Copy Last Weeks Done to Blog Post
  • Plan Computer Science Course
  • Quarter Experiment
  • Last Week Tonight/Crash Course
  • Write Vision Statement
  • Write Mission Statement


  • White Boards
  • Code Cademy
  • Meditation
  • How We Are Tracking Our Progress


  • 7 Min Workout
  • Set Goals
  • Mission /Vision Statement
  • Plan Next Week Meeting
  • Make More Work Surface


  • Swim
  • Crash Course
  • Swim

sites to learn how to code and make a website

java script tutorials

  • Hello, World! / This is a basic class from learn-js.org
  • Codecademy / this website is an interactive site to learn programming
  • http://teamtreehouse.com/library/javascript-foundations / this site is a site where you can learn programming via video tutorials

html tutorials

https://dash.generalassemb.ly/ / this teaches you how to make a website i dont know if it even teaches programming

http://htmldog.com/guides/html/beginner/ / this is basically just an html reference